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Retired Personnel

We honor those that came before us and served our community.

Martin Biersbach
Michael Brogan
Bernie Buganski *
Charles Thornton *
Giacoma (Jack) Trombetta
James Strickland
Thomas Quinn *
Sarge O'Shea
Bruce Olexa
James Moy
Robert Martin
Joseph Marker
Frank Majane *
Donald Lombardo
Bruce Klausing
Jack Kammer
Edward Jeffries *
Richard Hooyman
Robert Hartman
William Halbruner *
Russell Douglass
Robert Douglass *
Chief Don Douglass *
David Douglass ***
James Dietterich
Brian Dickinson
Rocco DeNote
Chief Robert Denny*
Larry Akins
Jack Beers
Al Flitcroft
Chief John Maher
Blaine Paynter
William Hienkel
Christopher Winter
Theodore Nagel
Chief Edward Donohue
Ed Dougherty
Dave Adams
Art Mason
Thomas Keywood
Louis Russo    
Kevin Boyle
Chief Brian Marker
William McPherson
Mel Hedum
Kenneth McGurk
Ernest Macomber
Thomas M. Beeby
Darrin Hickok
David Fisher
Patrick Greene

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