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Lower Township Police Department

We encourage you to visit our website often. Our Police Department handles all police functions as well as emergency service dispatching. The officers and staff are committed to excellence in providing police services to the community. We welcome all your comments or suggestions by contacting us.

~ Chief William Mastriana

 Employment Opportunity ~ Posted 9/9/2013

The Lower Township Police Department is accepting applications for Special Class II Police Officers.

Applicants must hold valid PTC Certifications for New Jersey Special Class II Officer and have a minimum of two (2) years experience as a Law Enforcement Officer.

Applications are available in the Records Section located in the front lobby of Police Headquarters, 405 Breakwater Road, Erma, NJ during normal business hour of 8am to 4pm, Monday through Friday. There is also a downloadable application at the bottom of the Job Opportunities page on this website.

Applicants are encouraged to submit an application to have one on file for present and future hiring opportunities.


The Township of Lower maintains a modern, well equipped Police Department. The department is entrusted with the dual mission of maintaining a social order conducive to the lifestyle of our community and providing professional law enforcement services to all. In essence, our agency exists to both protect and serve all members of the community. It is through the diligent efforts of the members of our department that the citizens of the community develop a sense of personal security. They must be assured that timely and professional emergency assistance is continually available to them.

However, no law enforcement agency can operate at its maximum potential without supportive input from the citizenry it serves. Crime prevention is the responsibility of every member of the community. The law enforcement component of the community will expend effort to prevent crime, just as it does to detect, identify, and arrest criminals. We actively solicit and encourage the cooperation of all in decreasing the opportunity for crime to occur, so that the benefit realized from utilization of our available resources may be maximized.

In furtherance of these purposes, the following goals are established for the Lower Township Police Department:

  • Provide for prevention of crime utilizing all available resources in the most cost effective manner possible.
  • Provide for the expeditious and prudent apprehension of suspected violators of the law, regardless of their station in life.
  • Provide for services that contribute to the preservation of life and protection of property, the preservation of community health and safety, and general public assistance under all conditions.
  • Provide for the safe and effective flow of vehicular traffic throughout the township.
  • Provide for thorough, appropriate and efficient police related investigations.
  • Provide for positive measures against organized crime and their illicit activities.
  • Provide for the maintenance of social order during times of unnatural occurrences or disasters.
  • Provide for efficient and effective departmental administration, and for the career needs of departmental personnel

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